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  • These are the greetings and the profile of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Yoo Il-ho.

Minister Yoo il-ho

Yoo il-ho, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is devoted to residential stability, balanced territorial development, facilitation of public transport and sufficient SOC, for the solid foundation of citizens' lives and a strong national economy.

MOLIT is committed to normalizing the housing market to reinvigorate the economy, providing housing benefits to tenants with low income and implementing happiness housing projects for residential welfare for low income people, and pursuing urban regeneration projects and fostering regional hub cities for solving urban decay problems and promoting balanced territorial development.

While protecting intellectual property of new technologies in the construction field, MOLIT is committed to improving the construction industry's competitiveness and supporting on multiple fronts the overseas construction industry that is opening a new chapter of Korea's overseas construction success story.

MOLIT is committed to advancing the transport logistics system, increasing competitiveness of the transport and logistics industries, improving service quality of public transport to satisfy public demand, bolstering consumer rights in aviation, and improving safety in aviation.

In preparation for unification, MOLIT is devising a territorial development master plan that provides the vision for territorial development of a united Korean peninsula in the future.

People's happiness starts with everyday safety. MOLIT is committed to strengthening safety measures and field inspection to ensure safe housing, workplace and transport.

Creative and passionate staff of MOLIT will lead the government's initiative to promote people's happiness and economic revitalization through field-focused administration.

MOLIT appreciates your support and continued interest.

Thank you.

Work Experience
2015.03 ~ Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2014.03 ~ 2014.05 Chair, Policy Committee, Saenuri Party
2013.05 ~ 2014.01 Speaker, Saenuri Party
2012.12 ~ 2013.02 Chief secretary, President-elect Park Geun-hye
2012.05 ~ Representative, 19th National Assembly
2008.05 ~ 2012.05 Representative, 18th National Assembly
2002.03 ~ 2012.05 Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
1998.06 ~ 2001.06 President, Korea Institute of Public Finance
1989.07 ~ 1996.03 Researcher, Korea Development Institute