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  • These are the greetings and the profile of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Suh Seoung-hwan.

Minister Suh Seoung-hwan

Suh Seoung-hwan, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Today, we have been suffering from a long-lasting economic recession.

Officials at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will make devoted efforts to reduce and eliminate the burden as well as any inconvenience facing our citizens.

Firstly, the Ministry will strive to create a virtuous circle of growth and job creation, which will lead to more sound and robust growth of the economy.

Secondly, the world is moving toward the era of creative economy. The creative economy starts from convergent thinking. The Ministry will remove barriers between officials and citizens in pursuit of integration and develop effective policies and better administrative services that people desire.

Thirdly, the Ministry will listen more carefully to the voices in the field and thus will come up with policies customized for the demands of citizens.

Lastly, the Ministry will endeavor to share the benefits of economic development and reduce the gap of living standards, with a view to making Korea a more distinctive country where people live an affluent and happy life.

Work Experience
March 2013 Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
January 2013 Member of the 18th Presidential Transition Committee
February 2012 Director of Education Institute, International Campus, Yonsei University
January 2009 13th Chairman of Korea Regional Science Association
February 2008 Head of Song-do City Development Team, Yonsei University
March 2003 Director of Economic Research Institute, Yonsei University
January 2001 Executive member, Korean Association for Housing Policy Studies
March 1996 Professor, Department of Economics, College of Business and Economics, Yonsei University, Korea
1993 ~ 94 Exchange professor, University of South Carolina, the U.S.
March 1987 Administrative Official of National Tax Service (Passed the 21st Civil Service Examination)